MAXARTS company was founded in 2013. It provides development and support of web-sites of different levels of complexity. When choosing a provider company it is necessary to take into account that you are choosing not only a service for one-time use, but also a partner with whom you will work for months or even for years. It wouldn’t be correct to say that we are engaged in just one specific work, any work of art implies variability. We organize our work according to the tasks set by the clients. Web-development is one of our main tasks. On how professionally your site is developed depends its further destiny on the internet. Having necessary resources and great experience, our experts can develop a site of any stage of complexity, from business-card sites to serious projects. The second important task of our company is connected with the server and site support. The main aim of the support is to provide the maximum efficiency and productivity of the resource, as well as regular placement of new information and the development of the functional part. We can organize the support of any site independent from the fact that it was developed by our company or not. It’s not a secret that the stability of the server depends on the initial settings of the server and on the quality of the further support of the site. We are ready to corporate with private companies and government organizations, with small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies, with everybody who is interested in web-development, who needs operative support of resources and development in the search engines. We always treat our clients individually and we justify the trust of our clients. Our slogan is: There is no limit to perfection.

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Legal address: Street T. Tchartarapet 24/7, Gyumri, Armenia
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