Behind every perspective project there is a strong team. Today graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, technical experts, commercials writers, net administrators, programmers, cosmonauts:)), stars:)) work in MAXARTS. If you want to join our friendly staff, send your CVs to [email protected] email.

● If you have programming skills and such terms as PHP, MYSQL, GD, caching, FreeBSD/Linux are pretty familiar to you, send us your CV.
● If you are painter, illustrator or designer and can illustrate picture better than this then write us and send some of your works.
● If you long to reach heights, are able to work in team and guide projects, we will be happy if you send us your CV. Our staff is like a family. We know how to work and how to relax. We come to work not with the thought “OMG, again there…”, there are no unreasonable limitations, no aimless restraints between workers. Our company is based on democratic principles but this doesn’t mean you may do nothing here. If you are looking for a place just to spend time in, then you are in a wrong way.

Work in MAXARTS implies:

● Ideal working conditions (modern, comfortable office, fully equipped workplace)
● Interesting and different tasks each day that require intelligence and creativity
● Career development opportunity
● Salary depending on your proficiency level, it will increase with the development of your skills
● Friendly, skillful staff